Believe it or not, you can create your own beautiful solar fountain in just 30 minutes with all the beautiful cheap natural plants, decor elements that can already  be found from your backyard or in your storage room that has been sitting there for years.

Everyone loves garden fountain, the sweet and relaxing bubbling sound of water it makes us feel we are sitting by a little creek in tropical paradise.

Making a fountain usually requires lots of work, materials and skills. But not anymore. Let us find how!



  • Solar fountain pump kit
  • A tub, big garden pot or any container that holds at least 4 inches deep and designed for outdoor use . We used our existing big flower pot.
  • Your choice of plants: make sure to use aquatic varieties that can withstand moist.
  • Wire mesh
  • Your choice of decor elements such as stone, decor balls etc. Make sure to clean them before using. 


Step 1:

Select the best location of your outdoor solar fountain that has the most sun exposure. Cut the wire mesh with enough size to fit inside the pot.


Step 2:

Place the wire mesh inside the pot. Leaving about 2inches from the top of the pot or just enough space for the decors and the solar panel pump. (Use an edge beam clips to secure the mesh, if necessary).

Step 3:

Fill the pot with water, leaving enough space for your decor elements. The water will rise once you added your decor elements.


Step 4:

This is the most interesting part! Fill the top of the wire mesh with plants, stones, decor balls, fresh flowers etc, leaving enough space for the water pump solar panel.

I collected some stones from our walkway. Soak them in the water for few minutes and rinse them well.

Here I used old lamps I found from our storage room. We got them when we bought our house. I found 2 of them with different sizes, perfect to create contrast on the fountain.


Step 5:

Place solar fountain pump. Make sure that the pump is submerged in the water and the panel is facing the sun. Add more water if needed.

Finish it up with fresh leaves and flowers.

This solar pump does not store solar energy, which means the fountain will be off when the sun is not shinning on the solar panel.


Important and useful tips:

  • There are many beautiful and easy to find water plants but if you cannot find or do not have on hand,  use artificial plants instead.
  • Always keep the pump submerged in water when its running. When not in use or making adjustments, place the panel under the shade or away from the sun until you can keep the pump submerged in water. Otherwise the pump could burn out.
  • Secure the solar panel with thin wire to keep it flat and submerge in water.
  • Mosquito larvae can only survive in stagnant water. If the fountain is running often, it will deter mosquitoes. You can also introduce small fish, such as goldfish or mosquito fish, into your fountain to feed on any new mosquito larvae and remove algae as it forms.
  • Make sure that the water is clean and free from any substance that can clog the pump. Replace the water as often as possible.
  • If you choose to have plants, clay soil is best. Garden soil is fine too. Potting soil contains wood chips and perlite which may float on the water. Avoid rich soil with manure content, as they could cause the water to smell, or become too acidic.
  • July 09, 2018
  • Glenda Anfinsen

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