Tips To Create An Inviting Home

Tips To Create An Inviting Home

Having a home that is inviting — that beckons to visitors and lingers in the minds of guests — makes for both an enjoyable and memorable place. And there's a bonus benefit to creating a home that is inviting to guests: it's often more inviting to you, too! We've got ten tips to try that will help you craft a home that welcomes everyone who walks through its doors — though warning, it may make them never want to leave!

 1.) Start With Your Entry

Make the first step in your home an inviting and surprising experience for your guests. Use colorful doormat that is pleasing with the eyes. Just make sure to clean and dry your mat regularly so your feet will feel to continue the next steps inside your home. Hang a poster that simply says "Welcome" or "Hello".

Make sure that your shoes and jackets, if exposed, are well organized. Add some decorative elements if the space permits, such as potted plants. Placed a comfortable chair that your guests can use to sit when they remove their shoes especially for elderly guests.

2.) Use Eye-Catching Home Decorations

Use unique decorations that attracts attention and not available in every home. A decorative throw pillow with photos of your family or anyone who lives inside your home is a surefire to get attention.

3.) Arrange Your Furniture So Your Guests Can Easily Roam Around

You might not mind moving a chair out of the way to get behind the dining table, but guests don't normally feel comfortable in spaces they don't understand how to traverse. Small homes especially need to be on the look out for this un-inviting culprit. The idea is to make moving through your home — getting from the front door to comfy seating areas, the kitchen, the bathroom and more — obstacle-less. Don't squish over-sized furniture so closely that no one can squeeze through, and don't put so many floor pillows on the ground guests have to crawl through them like an obstacle-course. And, this is of course tough for parents, but try to corral the toys out of the way to deter tripping!





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