Distinct Interior Personalized Cushion Cover With Photo And Name For Baby Boy

Personalized cushion cover with pre-made template from Distinct Interior. Customize it with your photo and name. Great for baby boy.

Available materials: emulation silk, linen and super soft.

-Emulation silk is lightly beige and shiny. Provides sharp prints and great for professional photographed images.

-Linen material has modern look with light beige or brownish color. Canvas-like print finish

-Super soft material has tiny short fur that make it soft. Great for cuddle moments.



  • Choose between emulation silk, linen or super soft material
  • Permanent print
  • Machine washable 30 degrees
  • With hidden zipper

Note: please allow 2-3cm dimension error due to manual measurement



Customized/personalized pillows are something we could treasure. As all other printed fabrics, our pillows could fade overtime too, so treat them with care. They can machine wash not more than 30 degrees, but we recommend to handwash it for longer print life. Do not tumble dry


 3-5 business days

This product is fulfilled from our fulfillment center in China


Our design system is currently under maintenance. Please send your custom text and photos to: hello@distinctinterior.net

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