Distinct Interior Personalized Mermaids Imagine Cushion Cover In Blue Background

Personalized cushion cover with beautiful pre-made template mermaid motif. Customize it with name, birthday and age. Great as a gift to to the girl celebrating her birthday or as a birthday souvenirs to the guests.

The glitter details are simulated in the artwork. No actual glitter will be used in the making of this product.

Available materials: polyster, linen and super soft.

-Satin material is silky soft. Recommended if you use as pillow as it is good for your hair as hair will just kind of slides across the pillow and is much unlikely to get damaged. Provide sharp prints
-Linen material has modern look with light beige or brownish color. Canvas-like print finish
-Super soft material has tiny short particles that make it soft. Great for cuddle time. Provide soft print.

Customize it with your:

Want a design completely different? No problem! We love custom requests- just send us a message and we'd be happy to accommodate.


• Choose between satin, linen or super soft material
• Permanent print
• Machine washable 30 degrees
• Choose between 1 side or two sides print
• With hidden zipper

Available size:


Note: please allow 2-3cm dimension error due to manual


Customized/personalized pillows are something we could treasure. As all other printed products, our pillows could fade overtime too, so treat them with care. They can machine wash not more than 30 degrees, but we recommend to handwash it for longer print life. Do not tumble dry

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