Silicone TV Remote Control Anti-dust Waterproof Case

 Waterproof, anti dust silicone remote control protector for TC and AC

Available Sizes:


  • TV A: 18.5x5x2cm
  • TV E: 20.5x5.5x3cm
  • TV F: 21x4.9x2cm
  • TV J: 23x5.5x2cm
  • TV H: 15x5.8x2cm
  • TV H1: 14x5x2cm
  • TV I: 14x4.5x2.5cm



  • AC D: 12.4x4.5x2.2cm
  • AC C: 16x5.5x2cm
  • AC M: 13.5x5.5x2cm
  • AC X: 12x4x1.5cm

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